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Does another version of you exist in a different universe?

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Only curious, because the last one I sent, their were about half a dozen older ones since March, saying awaiting moderation. I know your busy, I did not need a reply on any of them. Just curious if they even got through.

Multiple-Universe Theory Made, Well, Easier

Thanks for the info. Otherwise, I have to approve them and the public see them or send them to the trash. I think that may be something to explore at one of my other websites where people are more aggressively trying to make sense of that phenomenon. Mostly, your YouTube research is brilliant. It never crossed my mind to check that as a resource for some of these issues.

Thanks for the reply Fiona! Thanks for clearing up how the private emails work. I actually had not been to your other websites, but going to check them out!

Can we Test Parallel Universes? | CNRS News

Now I will let you get back to work ,keep up the fascinating work, Mike H. Hi I understand I am new and all but I have some incite that may help. It is worth noting I am 18 or so years of age yet, I have many years of experience in this endeavor. We are attempting to theorize here on this platform the likely hood of multiple universes.

Well here is what I know and or have currently taken as my current standard facts regarding our scenario. There are three separate realities I personally jump to. There are currently five separate realities assessable from the reality in which this topic was placed.

Now that this has been stated let us discuss well first me respond if you will why and how the particulars work regarding the varies realities I have encountered. You cant 2. Each domains physics differ so slightly it is near impossible to work out the particulars. Every thing happens in threes….