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Men authors become successful because they are gross, sexist, and obnoxious. If you don't, you will have to endure another dullard in your world. Things control us. As the kid, banging his head with a hammer, explained: "It feels so good when I stop! Deny him a fish and he will pester you for a month. Therefore, I can tell you that idealism and virtue are better than a full belly! My father was always gone from home and I wasn't. I only wanted to scratch a few of its itchy spots! I'm good at telling the truth too, but I don't get much practice with it.

There are the "Creators" and there are the "Promoters. Unfortunately, us doers reap too few rewards. I have never been a promoter, so I struggle through life without recognition. His understandings and truths are relegated to the trash bin labeled "History. MEN If you leave it to a man to determine a woman's destiny, she will be screwed doubly. She would lift her tail and show everything. Because he had an army. Bad intentions and good equipment will lose it quicker. I drink wine-- that's what I do! You may wonder who I am. Now I'm entered for the Omar Khayyam contest, but I can't afford all that wine for the practice sessions.

There is one guarantee-- Death! Because they have nothing better to do. MEN Why didn't God create men perfect? So he could have a second shot with women. I forgot, He did. He created women! She knocks off a box of cereal every week.

All the Ideas Living in My Head: One Guy's Musings about Truth by Don Everts

I find that nature and a wife obstruct me. Now that I am old, it constantly nags me for attention. Your juices cast around in a formless mass, seeking definition. After a few months the bony tissue takes form and plants you firmly in the game. You wait a few more weeks and the amorphous creature starts moving. From that point on you can't wait to see what the precious package will look like.

WINE Bottles of wine are better than ampules of tranquilizers and heaper! THE WORLD The world has expanded during my lifetime from being an incomprehensible one with tiny unimportant countries, to become a small world of important neighbors. Maybe we are doing something wrong? Maybe we don't get the message! Understanding people and dedication to the spirit of Brotherhood surely count for more than some old words. They prevent their people from enjoying life.

Us other old men keep our flies zippered. AN AUTHOR No author ever continues to be the same person after putting his soul on the line by publishing, He cannot deny or suppress what he has admitted to publically.

All the Ideas Living in My Head: One Guy's Musings about Truth

If you tell me how to live my life, you will be stopped at the door. If you tell my family how to live, you will find a knife at your throat. LIFE If your life has passed by, like the numbered pages in a book, then you have lived a good life. If your life included disruption and disorder, then it was interesting. If your life was chaotic and desperate, then you have lived the life of a saint. LIFE Life is not about being perfect, or even being fair; it is about getting by as best you can! LUCK Man often invokes "luck" as the reason for his failure, but seldom acknowledges it as a reason for his success.

A person of good intentions hides behind acts of charity. Others despise them and so do I. I just hate opinionated people! Only one with impatience can teach inquisitiveness and doubt. History is not! Now we hit where we're not looking. Sexual action brings disaster. Sponge cake! If you want to expostulate something then go West.

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SEX Sex serves three purposes: To produce children, To provide entertaining activities, and To give law enforcement officers porno web postings To watch when not busy setting up entrapments. There's no point in denying it. We are chauvinists and take advantage of it. Enjoy it while it lasts! I contributed that which I believe was constructive to man's understanding.

I require no medals!. I could never remember to do it on the appointed day so my father had to remind me most of the time. But, now that I am old, I always remember to put out the garbage on pick-up day. I am amazed at how much my memory has improved over these many years! It's just that I'm always right!

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Now that I am 95 my whole focus is on my noontime wine break. The only regret I have is the long wasted lifetime in between that I spent on academic and professional pursuits. I'm sorry that when you reach out for your Daddy's hand that it will not be there, and you will find yourself deserted, alone, and among strangers.

I'm sorry your tears will not turn to laughter as you once again grasp the hand that helped you know that everything was alright.

Sleep Bible Stories: A Walk in Heaven (3 hours)

I'm sorry I must leave you. When they grow up they establish their own long histories and they are no longer ours. I try to offend everybody equally. I'm sure someone has said this before; if not, someone should have. SIN If you haven't committed a big sin, at least you felt the Devil's hot breath! Now that we are old, we take our delights in doing the things we should do. You may not get even that if she's American!

Higher cultures value those members, who, enrich the lives of others through intangibles, more than those who bring home the biggest kill. Every man and woman of mankind is as evil as he or she is capable of being and dares to be.

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