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Choose wisely, y'all. Is Your Relationship Complicated?

The Dirty Little Secret to Seducing Your Readers

Simplify It With These Questions. Shellie R. Warren is a lover of quotes, lip gloss, graphic t-shirts, silver jewelry and Pumas.

Seductress Secrets: Master this Skill & Receive More of What You Want.

She's an author with two published books thus far on matters of the heart. In fact, marks the year anniversary of her first release ' Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption ', so she's seriously mulling over penning a sequel to it. In the meantime, when Shellie's not tellin' all her business, she's helping couples marriage life coach or assisting with birthing babies doula.

Her byline is all over cyberspace, but where you won't find her is on social media. Like anywhere. At all. If you need to hit her up, she's usually reachable at missnosipho at gmail. In an xoExclusive, the gospel singer shares why she wants you to choose faith over fear. Life Travel Wellness Inspiration Motherhood.

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Love Dating Sex Marriage xoMan. In a generation of over-sharing, will your relationship be healthier on the low? Still, there is a bit of a fine line between being private about your love life and keeping it a secret. Although it is critical that I say this is only a perk if, what you are going through is normal day-to-day stuff, and not abuse.

If you are being mistreated, in any way, your relationship is not a secret. Sistah-friend, you are being isolated. It's time to let someone know exactly what is going on. Soon, please. It's attractive. It's enticing. It's erotic. I get it. More than I get it, I've been there. Want more stories like this?

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Sign up for our newsletter here and check out the related reads below: Is Your Relationship Complicated? Like xoNecole on Facebook. Get Our Newsletter. The moment of betrayal: Samson realizes it is Delilah who has betrayed him to the Philistines. Detail from Van Dyck painting. Unless she had good reason to hate all Israelites, Delilah must have felt some pity for him. Samson believed that if his hair was cut, his superhuman strength would disappear, and it did.

We do not know the terms of the arrangement Delilah made with the Philistine lords, or what she expected would happen to Samson. In the context of the times, she probably expected a quick death for him, rather than the protracted torture which eventually followed his capture. From that moment, we hear no more of Delilah. It seems likely that she was absent from this horrifying event. This theme was common in Middle Eastern mythology.

Bible study ideas. Who was Samson? Philistines v. Top 10 Bad Bible Women. Who was Delilah? Delilah — the Bible text. Ancient jewels. Music in the ancient world. Delilah: the Bible text Who was Samson? Delilah was loved by the strongman Samson. She was told by the powerful Philistine lords to find find out why he was so strong.

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  7. Judges Delilah tried to wheedled the secret of his strength from Samson. He evaded her questions, giving her three false answers. Two weeks after Mata Hari had left Paris for a trip to Madrid, the double agent was executed by the Germans, while the five others continued their operations.

    This development served as proof to the Second Bureau that the names of the six spies had been communicated by Mata Hari to the Germans. She was put on trial on 24 July, accused of spying for Germany, and consequently causing the deaths of at least 50, soldiers. Although the French and British intelligence suspected her of spying for Germany, neither could produce definite evidence against her. Supposedly, secret ink was found in her room, which was incriminating evidence in that period.

    She contended that it was part of her makeup. Zelle's principal interrogator, who grilled her relentlessly, was Captain Pierre Bouchardon; he was later to prosecute her at trial.

    Mata Hari - Wikipedia

    Zelle admitted to Bouchardon that she had accepted 20, francs from a German diplomat in the Netherlands to spy on France, but insisted she only passed on to the Germans trivial information as her loyalty was entirely to her adopted nation, France. In , France had been badly shaken by the Great Mutinies of the French Army in the spring of following the failure of the Nivelle Offensive together with a huge strike wave, and at the time many believed that France might simply collapse as a result of war exhaustion. In July , a new government under Georges Clemenceau had come into power, utterly committed to winning the war.

    In this context, having one German spy on whom everything that went wrong with the war so far could be blamed was most convenient for the French government, making Mata Hari the perfect scapegoat, which explains why the case against her received maximum publicity in the French press, and led to her importance in the war being greatly exaggerated. Zelle wrote several letters to the Dutch Ambassador in Paris, claiming her innocence.

    Because I really did not spy, it is terrible that I cannot defend myself". Mata Hari herself admitted under interrogation to taking money to work as a German spy. It is contended by some historians that Mata Hari may have merely accepted money from the Germans without actually carrying out any spy duties. In October , documents released from the archives of MI5 British counter-intelligence were used by a Dutch group, the Mata Hari Foundation, to ask the French government to exonerate Zelle as they argued that the MI5 files proved she was not guilty of the charges she was convicted of.

    Maybe she wasn't entirely innocent, but it seems clear she wasn't the master-spy whose information sent thousands of soldiers to their deaths, as has been claimed". Zelle was executed by a firing squad of 12 French soldiers just before dawn on 15 October She was She defiantly blew a kiss to the firing squad.

    A New Yorker article reported that at her execution she wore "a neat Amazonian tailored suit, especially made for the occasion, and a pair of new white gloves" [32] though another account indicates she wore the same suit, low-cut blouse, and tricorn hat ensemble which had been picked out by her accusers for her to wear at trial, and which was still the only full, clean outfit which she had in prison.

    Wales recorded her death, saying that after the volley of shots rang out, "Slowly, inertly, she settled to her knees, her head up always, and without the slightest change of expression on her face. For the fraction of a second it seemed she tottered there, on her knees, gazing directly at those who had taken her life.

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    Then she fell backward, bending at the waist, with her legs doubled up beneath her. Mata Hari's body was not claimed by any family members and was accordingly used for medical study. Her head was embalmed and kept in the Museum of Anatomy in Paris.