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Rat with goals.

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Treadmill Mistakes: 8 Habits To Avoid At The Gym

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Search for:. These days, I work a fraction of what I used to. I'm no longer a "walking ball" of stress.

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But what I discovered isn't isolated to me. The lessons learned and systems developed along the way can work for others, too. As a result of working with all kinds of different folks around the world, I've been discovered patterns and behaviors -- the things that are really holding them back -- and the things that help overcome these obstacles to make lasting, positive changes.

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But you have to be willing to step out into the unknown and ACT -- sometimes before you're ready, before the entire path is clear. October 1st marked the beginning of the last three months of the year! I want to help you finish this year strong. So, answer this question right now with whatever comes to your mind first:.

Don't over-analyze your response. Don't judge it. And please, don't hold back. There are no wrong answers. If you're willing to take this first " tiny step " and answer this question, you've got my respect. Here's all you need to do:. This will only take you about a minute to do and you'll feel better for the rest of the day.

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Do it now. One of the most Urgent daily tyrants is the need to make money to cover today's bills.

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Think about it. That great-looking house, those shiny objects, and that expensive hobby quickly turned into a relentless liability to your cash flow. Early on this taught you that the "clear and present danger" in life is not having enough money. So from the start you went in search of making money, with the idea that "later" your focus could shift to Making Meaning.

But overtime you've gotten used to this pressure and have forgotten the excitement of pursuing a life of significance. You might now actually think the goal is itself just to make money. See how the Treadmill has trained you? And because everyone else is doing it, it seems normal and natural--just the way it works. In stark contrast to the Tyranny of the Urgent is the P riority of the Important.

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The Important things sit quietly and patiently in the corner and whisper,"I'm really Important. I can help you Make Meaning, not just money.

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Let me know when you have some time. The Important things require us to be p r oacti v e because they almost never seem urgent--things like thinking about what next year should look like, and what I really want out of my work and my life. We don't make money today doing those kinds of things, so they don't seem Important, and they're definitely not as urgent as paying the bills. Which do you want? Riches you don't have time to use, or Wealth that allows you to live the life you really want?

If you focus on the Tyranny of the Urgent and save the Important things for"later,"your best hope is that you will make money, and never as much as you could or should. But if you focus on the Priority of the Important now, you'll be on the road to real Wealth:freedom.