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    Follow Us. Subscribe to Our Newsletter:. All rights reserved. The first was recognizing wool as a sanitary and breathable material in underclothes. Prior to , women relied on knit or sewn capes and shawls for indoor warmth. Now with sporty knit sweaters, women could stay warm and still be active at home.

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    To each class sweaters offered their own alternative to bulky coats, capes and shawls. With such large Gibson Girl hair, it was impractical for women to use a pullover sweater. The shape of the sweater coat mimicked the shape of blouses and the corseted body. The sweater coat collar was a V-neck with thick contrasting trim and cuffs.

    Some sweaters came with a matching knit sash tie. Sweaters narrowed to fit the new silhouette as well as grew longer to hang over the entire hip. The main shift was in the diversity of collars and colors. There was the round neck collar that buttoned up around the front of the neck. Then there was a smaller shirt collar that could lay flat on the shoulder or fold up around the neck. I want to wear this look!

    Sweater colors shifted, as well, from plain dark colors to brighter reds, greens and blues. They still came in single colors or with a contrasting trim. The wrap around and tie sash belt was still popular, now with tassels on the tips. They are so snazzy! More cheerful colors coming into fashion. By , sweaters were moving into the style of the s. Many remained waist length, while others shorted up and lightened up with spring weight designs.

    The shawl collar continued to be a popular design but with a deeper V opening. Some cardigans went so far as to open all the way down, lined with lapels on either side. Since women now bobbed their hair , the pullover sweater became fashionable. It was made of a thinner knit and often worn without a blouse underneath. The sweater vest was a pullover or button up version of a sleeveless sweater. The arm openings were quite large with a very deep V neckline and long fit.

    They were much more comfortable to golf in than layers of shirts and sweaters previously worn. Colors and patterns in the s exploded. From big wide stripes to all over Fair Isle inspired patterns sweaters now had personality. Orange, purple, black, yellow, and green were mixed and matched together. Sweaters as outdoor winter wear lost popularity to coats and jackets.

    Instead, sweaters and sweater shirts became a spring and fall fashion item. No longer bulky, a thin knit cardigan layered nicely over blouses and under warm coats if necessary. By the mid thirties, styles became more beautiful, more feminine, reflecting a change in attitude from sad to hopeful. Sweaters were knitted shorter with modest high necklines and small collars or no collar a all.

    1900s Sweaters

    The beauty of the sweater was in the weave designs. It gave the best fit, too. The short barrel sweater was the biggest thing to hit the s. It had a wide waist band to accent a small waist and a fitted but not too tight top with narrow sleeves.